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City of Liverpool Backs Yellow Hoose Home Owners

The people who never bothered checking the rules about painting their house have got support from the city most famous for not paying attention to the law either today when an angry mob of a few dozen scousers stormed their Town Hall and demanded the Labour-led council start sanctions against Inverclyde Council.

The group “Scousers: Yellow- Red- Indigo! No Evictions!” (or S.Y.R.I.N.G.E. for short) posted their manifesto today on their website:

After figuring out how to use the PC they called for freedom for Greenock homeowners to colour their houses any colour they wanted yet- strangely- demanded all residents of Port Glasgow paint their houses as soon as possible to make it look less ugly.

They were joined by three famous Scouse heroes: Cilla Black- Paul O’Grady and a guy holding a slipper that he swears belonged to George Harrison. Paul O’Grady went one further by painting himself yellow for the occasion. Cilla’s mustard skin colour was merely a happy coincidence as she recovers from Jaundice. 

Everyone involved had a “lorra, lorra laughs” with the exception of one Liverpool councillor who was hung drawn and quartered to appease the gods of the baying mob.

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