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Port Grandmother raging at Facebook fuck up

Amanda Le Maistre, from just up frae the Clune Brae roundabout, has demanded action from Greenock MP Iain McKenzie after she completed a “Which Lord of the Rings Character Are You?” Quiz on Buzzfeed via Facebook and was told she was Gandalf.

I like Gandalf but the picture was that gay fella who only played him in the films. I don’t want people to think I’m a lezzer. I was scared to share my results on Facebook at first but I eventually did with a disclaimer. Letting folk know that I don’t munch rug.”

Shocked and dismayed and totally ignorant to the ideas of political correctness, human decency or life in general, Amanda called on Iain McKenzie to back her campaign to sue Buzzfeed for 1.8 million Israeli New Sheckles for “emotional distress”.

Iain McKenzie could not be reached for comment but Amanda is sure she will gain his support “after all. Mind that time he voted against gay folk from England and Wales having equal rights to heterosexuals in the eyes of the law even tho’ it didn’t affect him or his constituents in the slightest? It’s that kind of bigoted thinking that will get me my money.”

A Buzzfeed spokesman said “Who gave you this number? Fuck off you Scottish cunt.”

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