Yellow House rage
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Single mother fury that no-one cares about the colour of her house

Yellow House rage

Alison McClam, 14, was left furious when council officials didn’t ask her to repaint her council house after she painted it purple with lime green polka dots.

“I spent ages ignoring council rules and regulations about what you can and cannae dae wi’ yer hoose so I could get my face in the paper and be the centre of attention but, because I live up the Grievey, naebody gave a fuck. It’s shocking”

The news comes days after a family, who knew that there were guidelines to follow about the decor of their house as they lived in a conservation area, seemed surprised and annoyed when they ignored those guidelines without discussion despite knowing they shouldn’t have.

“Those folk pure got all the attention and everybody loves them noo just because they painted their hoose an ugly colour when they knew they shouldnae. I done the same thing an’ noo I’ve jist got an ugly hoose.”

Ah neighbour, Steven O’Flan, said the news was “shocking”.

When approached for comment a council member said “Grieve Road? Fuck knows. I stay away from that part of town if I can help it”

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