Council Hit Back in Yellow Hoose Row

The council have upped their game against the Yellow Hoose owners by doing a huge graffiti of a dobber on the front facing wall of the home.

Inverclyde Independent sources claim that Cllr’s Steven McCabe and Chris McEleny donned dark camouflage gear and scaled the building at around 0300hrs last night. Using a rope and pulley system to get to the high bits Cllr McEleny raised Cllr McCabe high enough to draw the Japs eye before the rattling of the cans awoke the homeowners.

When pressed for a statement Cllr McCabe said “Let’s see them keep their pishy yellow paint job noo the bastards! Hahaha. Get it up them.”

The homeowners could not be reached for comment but a close friend said “I think they quite like it. It’s like a Banksy”

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