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Larkfield Citizen Complains About Council. Proves She Doesn’t Understand Democracy

Missy Elliott, 33½, spoke today to the Inverclyde Independent to complain about the council.

“They spend all the money on an arts centre and I don’t even like art or centres” she chided. When the possibility was raised that other people may enjoy live theatre and the council can’t think only about her she replied: “Aye well I wouldnae know about that.”

Further complain was made when she pointed out the councillors should remember that “we pay their wages”. The Independent pointed out that we can also vote them out of office if we wish. Miss Elliott got irate and said she had never voted as “they’re all as bad as each other” and also pointed out that, technically, she doesn’t pay their wages as she’s been dodging her council tax bill for twelve years.

When questioned on who her councillor was or what ward she lived in or any of the local councillor’s policies she admitted to knowing nothing about any of it. She’s just annoyed that money got spent on something she didn’t use. When asked if she would vote against her incumbent councillor in the next elections she wept as she admitted she wasn’t registered to vote.

Then her son broke his wrist.  

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