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Council Leader hates democracy. Hates the news. Hates justice. Sucks wet farts out of dead pigeons.

After asking for a comment on an important local news story the council leader threw his toys oot the pram and blocked Inverclyde’s only real source of news.

We ask how can a man who claims to be representing the people of Inverclyde be so blasé about the media that is here to hold him to account. He’s a dick.

We asked the people of Inverclyde their thoughts on the Inverclyde East councillor

Dunno much about him other than he was quite vocal about not liking the council tax freeze. Plus, he’s Labour, so most probably a knob.

I know not of him. He’s not even on my radar.


Cllr McCabe is an absolute spatula with the people skills of a raw potato and full of delusions of self importance.

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