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Council Outrage as God changes colour of sky without planning permission

In news that will shock residents of Inverclyde after the Yellow Hoose debacle the local council have served God with an eviction notice after he turned the sky pink without prior consent from the housing comittee

I’m not sayin’ it’s naw pretty” meowed Inverclyde South councillor Joe McIlwee “But there are rules in place! Just because I like and God likes it doesn’t mean it will go down well with all citizens of Inverclyde. We need to keep an eye on this before it gets out of hand. What next? People dying their budgies purple or spray painting lamposts aquamarine?”

God doesn’t speak English but spoke through his interpreter, Chic Charnley, who had this to say: “Fuck this noise! Seriously!”

Asked to comment about the eviction of God one local priest, Father Yul Brynner’s Ghost, said “I am in two minds. One hand who are we to judge God’s designs. On the other hand pink’s a bit gay.”

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