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Football Manager Whizzkid Tipped To Take Over Ton

A young man from Greenock has been basked in adulation for the way he has pulled his team from the brink to massive success in just a few days on a popular football management simulation game. After an extended session of around 3 days sitting at his computer, only leaving his chair to go to the bathroom or feed himself, Jimmy McGinty, 21 and pictured above, guided Greenock Morton from League 1, all the way to the top of the Scottish Premiership, thus taking his side into the Champions League on computer game, Football Manager 2015.

Officials behind the scenes at the real-life club are thought to be extremely impressed with the young man’s accomplishments that they are looking to sign McGinty up to a long-term deal, thought to be approximately 5 years.

When asked about the rumour, McGinty said, “I’ve been playing Fitba Manager since I was aboot 13 and every year, I get Morton intae the Champions League. Dunno how they’re just findin’ oot aboot me noo, am the da’.”

We attempted to reach current Morton boss, Jim Duffy, for comments, however, he was unavailable.

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