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Local councillor slaps child for painting a yellow house

Little did little “Little” Steve Richards know but when he picked up a crayon to colour in his picture at nursery his day would end with a black eye delivered by the “ring hand” of local councillor Innes Nelson.

After a visit to a local nursery the hyperactive little shit asked the councillor repeatedly if they liked yellow houses. Witness say that the councillor snapped.

Turtle McFadden, 3, said “That mad got angry and called Stevie names and he started crying”. Gob Jones, 4, took over the story “Then man said to stop crying and he, and he, and he, he, he, and he, hit him

Innes countered by claiming he thought the tot was a midget on the wind up. “Like that wan aff the telly that was in Willow

Val Kilmer was unavailable for comment.

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