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Larkfield to be twinned with Sarajevo’s Alipašino polje-A Faza district

In a boost to the Larkfield Tourist Board they have scooped a twinning agreement with Alipašino polje-A Faza in Sarajevo which could double the amount of yearly visitors to the Greenock council estate. Up to 4 people a year could make the journey to see such sites as “The Magic Roundabout”, “Angus Road Post Office” and “Malky Packer’s Old Hoose”. McGills are planning to run extra buses on the Burns Square route and have imported bullet proof glass from Turkey for this purpose.

After years of bitter, religious infighting, drug and alcohol misuse, families torn apart and gang roaming across the area we feel it’s only right to promote the hard working people of this district in a positive light. Too many people have only negative connotations of the area but the people of Bosnia are committed to improving the image of both the “Tap” and the “Bottom” End of Larkfield“ said Anesa Kajtazovic.

Larkfield local, Shug “Two Shoes” Jetson, was overjoyed at the news “I live just at the bottom of Berwick road (pictured) and when I heard that we were getting twinned with anywhere that wasn’t The Strone I considered it a step up. I’m overjoyed at the news”.

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