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Inverclyde Independent Banned From Morton Facebook Page

In news scarily reminiscent of the Hugh Scott era Greenock Morton have banned Greenock’s ONLY reliable source of football news from their facebook page.

We asked a senior staff member at Cappielow, who recently cost the club thousands of pounds by not being able to check the fucking rules about players playing for three clubs in a season, why they felt a few guys using Tumblr, Facebook and MSPaint (seriously. Look how shit that photo we used is. I made that and I know it’s shite) were such a threat that they deserved banned. They answered “I don’t even know what my fucking job here is” echoing the sentiments of Greenock Morton fans everywhere.

Young defender Mark Russell felt unable to comment “My wages are made up from sweeties Mr. Rae gives me and if I talk to youse guys he might stop giving me the big boxes of Millions and my family will starve

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