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Angus MacBile outs the scum of Inverclyde.

In another regular segment we have asked roving reporter Angus MacBile, pictured above, to go out and find the scummiest cunts in all over Inverclyde and, at a push, Skelmorlie. Today he lets us know about one vile cretin who, we all agree, is worse than the Yorkshire Ripper and only half as handsome.

Community in shock as family man backs paedophiles and cancer. Hates soldiers.

AN INVERCLYDE man has shocked members of the community with his pro-paedophile, pro-cancer and anti-British soldiers beliefs, the Indy can reveal.

Angry bully Kelvin Darrow (pictured below), from Gourock, was browsing his Facebook news feed and enjoying the usual pictures of pets, babies and dinner; but what started innocently enough quickly became something much more vile, sources close to Darrow can reveal. He scrolls through Facebook and callously ignores any and all “re-post if you agree” messages.

The first to appear to sick-minded Darrow, who works at IBM, was a picture rightly pointing out that our brave squaddies should be paid as much as premiership footballers! Kelvin Darrow did not share this picture. Let me spell it out for all of the grieving mothers and war widows who are crying for the men who never came home – this man simply does not CARE.

Following this, Mr Darrow, a member of the 99% (as in “I know 99% of you won’t re-post this”) rolled his eyes and skipped past a message of support for people with CANCER. We can only assume that this is because he hates cancer patients, and does not hold any wish for them to get better. Twisted Darrow, who suffers from cancer himself, was unavailable for comment.

As if this wasn’t enough, he also did not re-post a picture advocating the death sentence for paedophiles. He apparently doesn’t believe that paedophiles are a problem. This man lives in your community. He is a menace, and a threat to your children.How much more evidence do we need that psychopaths like this should not be walking the streets of Inverclyde?

We at the Indy would like to lead the charge, in saying: “People who don’t re-post pointless chain pictures on Facebook are SCUM. Share if you agree.”

pictured: the scummy cunt in question

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