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Council infighting damages Inverclyde council’s twitter sign!

Shockwaves were felt in the chambers at Inverclyde Council this afternoon as arch-rivals and social media enemies Councillors McEleny and McCabe attempted to out-troll each other over their favourite pet projects.

After an afternoon of noising each other up on Twitter and trying desperately to get attention on Facebook, they each submitted proposals at the same time.

McEleny decided to jump on the clearly popular bandwagon (when doesn’t he, indeed?) and support the owners of the yellow house by assisting them with the planning permission, while McCabe tried to make sure his friends at the Beacon got their cashflow problems sorted out without them having to actually explain where the missing money has went.

Unfortunately for them, their (homoerotic?) obsession with each other on social media and in the letters pages of our own arch-rival led them to make a fundamental error and it now appears that the owners of the yellow house can look forward to receiving £600,000 in cash on Friday this week while The Beacon has had it’s planning permission revoked and will now have 14 days to repaint the building from the current green to bright orange. What a pair o’ fuds.

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