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Local Rangers Supporter Lambasts Local Italians

Lifelong Rangers and Sevco supporter Billy Krowbar has been cautioned by police after a furious exchange with some local Scots-Italians.

Just before boarding the Rangers supporter’s bus to Fife, bypassing the home grounds of Greenock Juniors, Greenock Morton and Port Glasgow juniors, all before he left the council area he has lived all his life, on the way he was embroiled in a heated war of words with three members of a local family because they don’t support their local team.

Enrico Parodia, a 2nd generation immigrant was taking his two sons, Enrico Jnr and Enrico Jnr v2.0, to Greenock’s Italian club to watch the Milan derby wearing his Azzuri top with pride.

“Then-a all-of-a-sudden a fat bigoted man he shout-a at-a me!” Enrico said, in a normal Scottish accent as he was born and raised here, the faux Italian stereotyped comments are added for humour and to make you think of the Super Mario Brothers. “He-a-say I am-a from Scotland. I should-a-support Scotland. But I do support-a-da-Scotland! I just-a also support-a-da-Azzuri. He’s-a-how do you say?… a knuckle draggin’ fud”

Mr. Krowbar responded gruffly. “It’s not right these eye-ties coming over here, or being born over here, and not supporting their local team. I’ve been all over the world supporting Rangers and England! They wont even go and support the teams on their doorstep. It sickens meThey’d rather go to Milan to watch Italy than go to Wembley like any good natured Brit should.”

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