Cllr McCabe hates us
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Trickle Down Economics 101

Inverkip’s primary 7 pupils were treated to economics in action when they visited the town buildings last week.

Councillor McCabe explained to the Indie, “We always enjoy having the kids here but this lot were being extremely disruptive. Normally the kids enjoy the sightseeing trip seeing the Council’s gold reserves and the non-poll tax payer’s dungeons, but one little rascal started asking questions about macroeconomics and another started quoting the wealth of nations. AT ME!”

Our beloved leader acted quickly, sending a crack team of council workers down to demolish their play park.

“That’s economics for you, we got £50 for the scrap metal for the Council’s purse minus my £20 finders fee, of course.”

When we asked the supreme being if he was worried about a backlash to his actions he replied “Not really, there are council elections in a few years, so those kids have a chance to vote me out of they are brave enough, that’s a lesson in democracy for those smart arsed kids”

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