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Café now serving shit coffee

A new Gourock Café is to start serving Kopi Luwak, which is sourced from the shit of a cat-like mammal in Indonesia.

In an attempt to appeal to an ever-more demanding Gourock public, newly opened Mugs ‘n’ Jugs is to introduce the jobby flavoured coffee from next week.

“We’ve bought in the Kopi Luwak to show that Gourock is on the map for coffee lovers on the west coast. At only £29.95 a cup we think it’s a real bargain which our patrons will really love.”

Kopi Luwak is sourced from the droppings of the palm civet, a nocturnal creature which eats coffee beans which pass through its bowels adding to the enhanced flavour hipsters everywhere say is the best coffee in the world.

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