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An amateur metallurgist from Leven Road has told the Indie that he has discovered the site of Greenock’s fabled fridge cemetery.

Although it’s pretty straightforward to get rid of washing machines and cookers, it’s been much more difficult to get rid of a fridge leading to fly-tipping on an industrial scale.

For many years there has been a small dumping ground at the Gibshill flyover when people have been turned away from Pottery Street, but the numbers involved there have long been suspected as just the tip of the iceberg.

Colin Yorston from Leven Road claims he has discovered the much larger dumping ground at the top of the hill on Kilmacolm Road near the electricity station. He explained to the Indie, “I was looking for Roman coins or maybe some remains from an ancient battle and my wee machine went nuts. I was really excited thinking I was onto a big find.

“I got my shovel out and only had to go about three inches down to hit the first obstacle, which was quite surprising really. When I cleared away the dirt the first thing I saw was a Beko label. So I had a bit more of a nosey and realised that this is the place where the bulk of the fridges are getting dumped.”

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