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BREAKING: Time’s up, EU drops BREXIT Deal

Everyone’s favourite alcoholic Jean-Claude Juncker has sensationally told Theresa May she can ‘äre Stéck op Äert Bottom’ in an explosive phone call after the latest fiasco over Brexit. With 650 MPs, who constantly remind us that they are deserving of their £70k plus expenses package, completely incapable of that most important political capacity of compromise, […]

Oot the road
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BREAKING: Inverclyde to go dry for ten minutes as Police raid ‘Oot the Road’

Tonight, Greenock Police, mobbed up, in about 50 million meat wagons busted ‘Oot the Road’. Drugs were seized and arrests were made. Local dealer, Wully Broon, 13, gave the Indie the exclusive. “They came in like the Charge oh the Light Brigade. Helicopters the lot. They’ll be shouting that they’ve heavy claimed aw the drugs […]

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Port Glasgow Mum breaks World Record for Facebook questions

Congratulations to Lorna McMum, 27 from Port Glasgow. She is to be entered into the Guinness Book of records for the most questions asked on Facebook. Lorna, who has never heard of google says she would rather ask her Facebook friends than spend more than 3 seconds coming up with an original idea of her […]

Angry Brits
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People who voted to protect British Sovereignty getting angrier at British Law

There’s a bit of a hoo-hah doon in England as the various racists, mugs and wallopers who voted to save British Sovereignty realise they’ve shat over their country’s economy and children’s future for a sovereignty they don’t even like. “I was sick of the EU meddling in British Law, even tho’ I don’t have an […]

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Alcoholic Orangeman refuses to drink on St Patrick’s Day

Paddy’s day. It’s a hoot, isn’t it? Funny hats, green pints of beer and people still getting wankered even though they have work in the morning. But it will certainly be no fun for Orangeman, Billy McBarr, 56 from Greenock. Billy, a member of the Orange Lodge and registered alcoholic is refusing to have even […]

Joseph Goebbels
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Arebeit Macht Frei

Theresa May has today called on MPs of all parties to be ’democrats and patriots’ and support her deal. She has also asked for an ‘honourable compromise’ which is, in effect, for them to salvage her twice failed deal with no changes. Meanwhile the Chancellor has refused to confirm the nutjobs in the DUP will […]

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May in BREXIT deal with DUP

Theresa May is to announce a coalition with the DUP next week as she shamelessly seeks to get her deal through Parliament for the third time unchanged. The craven harlot will prove beyond doubt that there is no depth she won’t sink to, as she clings on to power while the Tory Party tears itself […]