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May in BREXIT deal with DUP

Theresa May is to announce a coalition with the DUP next week as she shamelessly seeks to get her deal through Parliament for the third time unchanged.

The craven harlot will prove beyond doubt that there is no depth she won’t sink to, as she clings on to power while the Tory Party tears itself apart and Labour run about like headless chickens.

So, on Monday, it will be announced that Arlene Foster is to be made Deputy Prime Minister, Nigel Dodds will be named as Home Secretary and Sammy Wilson will replace Chris ‘failing’ Grailing as Transport Minister.

Despite Foster not being an MP she is said to have insisted on a power sharing arrangement as she famously destroyed the last one she had in Northern Ireland.

In return for their support, the West is Scotland is to be made a part of Northern Ireland, a move certain to delight certain citizens.

In other announcements, Scotland will have its budget slashed by 25%, in a move calculated to wind the SNP up as much as they do to Westminster due to their lack of support for her deal, Jacob Rees-Mogg is to be made Lord Mayor of London in return for his support and Boris Johnson is to be locked in the Tower of London at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

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