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People who voted to protect British Sovereignty getting angrier at British Law

There’s a bit of a hoo-hah doon in England as the various racists, mugs and wallopers who voted to save British Sovereignty realise they’ve shat over their country’s economy and children’s future for a sovereignty they don’t even like.

“I was sick of the EU meddling in British Law, even tho’ I don’t have an single example of it affecting my life, but now they’re using British Law to do things I don’t like” bleated Grimsby’s Simon Yodell.

Hecontinuedd “First they sent Tommy Robinson to jail for continuously breaking the law even tho’ he’s white and English and now they’re using the sovereignty of parliament to hold our politicians to account, like a parliamentary democracy is supposed to, instead of just blindly jumping into a Brexit abyss like a minority of the population voted for.”

Equally dismayed was Herefordshire’s Tarquin Smyth-Smythe “I was all for leaving the EU to rebuild the empire but now four of my seven orchards had poor crop returns when all the underpaid Latvians I usually hire didn’t bother showing up this year.”

“I wouldn’t be bothered about losing all the chear Slav labour because I presume, without EU Workers’ Protection Rights, Jacob Rees-Mogg would bring back indentured workers and remove child slavery laws. But if they now expect me to bring in British workers they’ll be expecting me to pay them fairly. It’s all gone bollocks”

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