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The Sweet Smell of Success

By Dick Beavers, Seat Wetter Back when I was a cub reporter I worked for a very obnoxious editor. He would throw the toys out of the pram at every opportunity, shout and ball at everyone and generally just be a prick. One day, I’d decided enough was enough and wanted revenge. And I got […]

News Magazine Local Bampots Ranting

Angus MacBile outs the scum of Inverclyde.

In another regular segment we have asked roving reporter Angus MacBile, pictured above, to go out and find the scummiest cunts in all over Inverclyde and, at a push, Skelmorlie. Today he lets us know about one vile cretin who, we all agree, is worse than the Yorkshire Ripper and only half as handsome. Community […]