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Council infighting damages Inverclyde council’s twitter sign!

Shockwaves were felt in the chambers at Inverclyde Council this afternoon as arch-rivals and social media enemies Councillors McEleny and McCabe attempted to out-troll each other over their favourite pet projects. After an afternoon of noising each other up on Twitter and trying desperately to get attention on Facebook, they each submitted proposals at the […]

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Local Councillor To Remain in Place After Bizarre Deodorant Accident

Cllr Michael McCormick has vowed to continue his work in improving lives of his ward constituents despite a bizarre accident after using his wife’s deodorant when in a rush before work today. “I’d just came out the shower and was in a rush so picked up the wife’s BO Spray and within an hour my […]

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Local councillor slaps child for painting a yellow house

Little did little “Little” Steve Richards know but when he picked up a crayon to colour in his picture at nursery his day would end with a black eye delivered by the “ring hand” of local councillor Innes Nelson. After a visit to a local nursery the hyperactive little shit asked the councillor repeatedly if […]

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Council Outrage as God changes colour of sky without planning permission

In news that will shock residents of Inverclyde after the Yellow Hoose debacle the local council have served God with an eviction notice after he turned the sky pink without prior consent from the housing comittee “I’m not sayin’ it’s naw pretty” meowed Inverclyde South councillor Joe McIlwee “But there are rules in place! Just […]

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Council Leader hates democracy. Hates the news. Hates justice. Sucks wet farts out of dead pigeons.

After asking for a comment on an important local news story the council leader threw his toys oot the pram and blocked Inverclyde’s only real source of news. We ask how can a man who claims to be representing the people of Inverclyde be so blasé about the media that is here to hold him […]